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Will you be ready for the electronic ribbon-cutting ceremony at your ecommerce store?
While Internet commerce is no different from a real world business in covering the same aspects, i.e. product identification, product presentations, marketing strategy, after-sale service, and so on, there are unique and often challenging criteria that will need your attention when you build an ecommerce site.
The degree of care and creativity you put into these elements will directly affect your customer’s online shopping experience. Don’t overlook these; a thorough knowledge of their importance in your overall plan can pay you big dividends!

Smart retail marketers have always know that the customer is king, but with best-of-breed ecommerce development required in today’s marketplace, developers soon realized that they must empower online merchants with new ways to give shoppers the royal treatment.

The Part And Parcel Of Your Ecommerce Site Design
Your basic ecommerce web site criteria will revolve around the following core factors:
  • Goal – what is the goal you have in mind as one among many Internet merchants ?
  • Objective – what is the leading objective of launching your online business?
  • Functionalities – what are the functionalities that would be required to achieve the above two factors?
  • Marketing Material – do you have “ready-to-use” marketing materials for Internet selling available?
Integrating The Citeria
Look hard at these CORE FACTORS to maximize your ecommerce customer experience for best results in financial outcome of your online venture:

Goal – despite popular belief, all ecommerce sites need not be online stores. There are many other goals which promote ecommerce, such as using Internet ad sales for building brands, enhancing marketing strategies, launching products, answering customer queries on product features, analyzing and developing strategies for increasing Internet sales, and so on. You will need to decide what your goal is, so a high degree of clarity must be achieved in terms of what is expected of your site.

- this covers the process and methods that your website will use to achieve the goal. For example, if you choose online sales, you will need to present your products through clear pictures and have adequate information ready to be presented to the customer.

Functionality – This is what will enable your site to achieve the completion of sale. Right from presentation to the processing of payment, there needs to be some software or method of getting it done over the Internet. This ‘getting-it-done’ process, also called “ecommerce fulfillment,” is what is known as functionality.

Material – There is a great amount of information needed to develop your site and in order to get things done well and fast, you will need to have all your required information compiled well in advance. This covers information on the product, background of the company, FAQs, processing guidelines, and so on.

All the above factors will need to be considered before you go out to build your site. The better you will have planned for each of these steps, the better your ecommerce venture will be built, the faster your business will grow. It is important that each of the aspects be considered in depth and executed flawlessly from the outset. Now go ahead and build an ecommerce site for yourself!

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