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Internet statistics say that retail websites have become a viable channel to reach new customers; 38 percent of online customers are first-time buyers. The Web is the world’s largest billboard and your ecommerce web site can be part of it using ecommerce advertising. If you have an online business and offer products or services for sale, you can enhance your profits significantly by offering internet ad sales for other online merchants on your website. Each different type of advertisement you may display will have advantages and disadvantages. This can get confusing since there are so many different aspects of ecommerce advertising because of the revenue models they use for the ads.

Eyeballs Drive The CPM Ad
If you use a cost-per-impression ecommerce advertising solution, you are obtaining the simplest type of ad revenue. This is the best system as you will be paid a certain amount of money for a certain number of ads being displayed on your website. These companies can vary with how much they will pay, but a good example is $1.00 CPM. If they had the ad campaign targeted for units of 500 views, you would get $1.00 for every 500 ads that are displayed on your website.

You don’t need to drive potential customers to an advertiser’s online shopping emporium to benefit from this type of ecommerce advertising. You certainly won’t get rich making money off this type of advertisement, but it could bring in enough money to pay for your website hosting every month and that is more than many Internet retailers can hope for. There are different dealers in Internet advertising sales who’ll pay higher rates and some that pay lower rates with this type of ecommerce advertising.

Fingertips Drive Cost Per Click Ecommerce Advertising
This type of advertising will pay you each time someone clicks on a link directed to the online business in the ad. They will usually pay between a nickel and fifty cents each time someone clicks on the link. However, they often do not pay for clicks of users who have already used the link. This means you stand the risk of making no money at all if you don’t have the right kind of traffic flowing on your website. The key to this type of advertising is to use cost per click links for products resembling your business. There are now large ecommerce companies whose sole business is cost-per-click Internet ad sales.

Where the Action is: Cost per Action Ads
This type of ecommerce advertising requires the most effort for generating revenue. You will be paid a certain percentage for helping to sell a product. If a potential customer drifts from your website to their online business and purchases something, you have generated some revenue.
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