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The ecommerce software that runs business on the World Wide Web didn’t just spring into action; it was necessary to have all of the necessary applications developed, tested and in place. A background overview of this process is useful to any Web marketer Most of the applications used in Internet marketing before the 70’s took so long to create that by the time they were implemented, the needs of online merchants had moved to a completely different plane, making the application practically unusable. This is when Rapid Application Development as a software development approach came into being. Look where Internet sales are today!

Rapid Ecommerce Application Development Benefits You
There are many benefits that the Rapid Application Development technique brought to the ecommerce application development arena, such as:

1. Speed – now it is possible to change and upgrade the ecommerce application development better and faster so as to enable an ecommerce solution running on the Web to best optimize results for users. This is done with the help of the CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering) tools which can translate developer requirements into the necessary code and apply those changes in almost no time. 2. Low cost – what before was costing a fortune has come down to a reasonable price. The maintenance costs have also been reduced immensely making ecommerce applications economically feasible for online sellers.
3. Quality – The Rapid Application Development process has brought high quality functionality and reliability to all ecommerce application development. High quality in software is always a critical aspect for any business – be it online sales or offline merchandising.
4. Scalability – with the help of RAD, it’s easy to replicate custom ecommerce application development for other sites. The downside is that though it can be scaled upwards, the downward scalability is not always as simple.

Core RAD Elements
Prototyping – this is the first element of the process and it involves the construction of an application, such as ecommerce software, in a very short period of time.
Iterative development – this is the second element which involves the processing of one functionality charcteristic leading to the next in a “stairsteppng” process.
Time boxing – the third element, which involves the designing of feature-rich versions which can complete iterative circles with great speed.
Team members – this fourth element designates the number of RAD experts needed to produce a good application and run it successfully.
Management approach – the fifth element will specify the type of management required to keep each development module functioning at their optimal delivery capacity and in the samllest time frame.
RAD tools – the last, the elements, will indicate the speed with which the above features will be done on a timeline.

These factors, and others, combined have helped the world of ecommerce application development develop software the way Internet merchants need it and continue to ensure them a successful and profitable future on the World Wide Web.
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