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We live in a “plastic land” when it comes to shopping at the local mall; it’s no different at the ecommerce store on the Web. Credit card processing is as important online as offline; in actuality, fewer and fewer transactions are now cash-based. Think about it; When we go shopping, we will always prefer a place where our purchasing can be fast and hassle- free. If we have to wait in line for 30 minutes everytime we buy a packet of noodles, we’ll definitely look for other places to shop. Suppose the shop always insisted for exact change or made us wait for 10 or 15 minutes until they got a large bill changed? So you can see the how the credit card has impacted all business.

Creating Happy Customers
Exactly in the same manner, ecommerce’s success highly depends on how easy the customer finds closing their purchase. The greatest stumbling block while purchasing on the Internet is the payment process. Many ecommerce web sites have an exceptionally use-friendly design; this is very important to capture business from customers worldwide. However, when it comes to the payment options, they fail if they exclude using a credit card or have extremely slow ecommerce credit card processing

Be aware of the deluge of offers that credit card companies send to everyone; young, old, student, senior citizen, it seems our mailboxes get an invitation to sign up every day! To take full advantage of this, online marketers must stay “up to speed” on the technology of the credit card transaction process.
In order to have a good and trustworthy site, you will need to fulfill certain basic criteria for ecommerce credit card processing:

• Privacy – you will have to assure your customer that the information that they provide you about their credit cards, is not visible to anyone else on the Internet. This is why it is a must to have Secure Socket Layering (SSL) ecommerce security so the information can be automatically encrypted.
• Fast – there is nothing more annoying to a customer in Internet sales than waiting for five or more minutes for the order to be processed after they’ve filled in their credit card details, after which their computer or the website hangs, leaving them to wonder whether the transction went through, or whether they should go through the whole process again.
• Flexible options - ecommerce credit card processing should ideally cover as many cards as possible. It is not always wise to accept only the most popular credit cards; there are many people out there who use the less popular cards and you as an online merchant will lose out on these customers if you do not accept these.
• Include debit cards in ecommerce credit card processing – you just cannot imagine how much your sales can improve with just this small facility added to your payment options. There are millions of people out there who are not eligible to have a credit card, and hence, they do not buy over the net. Capture this huge potential customer base by accepting debit cards which as a payment option are now as safe, of not more so, than standard credit cards.
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