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Everyone wants to feel fulfilled, whether working, dining, or being entertained. People participating in the online shopping experience are no different. So what is ecommerce fulfillment? Stated simply, it is the process by which an order/purchase process is completed, starting from the time it is begun on the Net, to the time it is delivered at the doorstep of the customer. This procedure starts and ends with communication of information and interaction with the customer. Maximizing this is the pivotal point in any Internet ecommerce, whether it’s internet car sales or online horse sales. So, unlike the preceding, don’t put the “car” before the “horse” in satisfying your customer

Concentrate On The Essentials
In order to offer the best ecommerce fulfillment, you will need to be very focused in what you want and how to achieve it. In ecommerce your highest aim is to get the customer to buy your product, and keep him/her coming back for more. With so many choices online, Internet shoppers freely roam the Web in search of quick, attractive, and easy online storefronts. Just take a look at an Amazon.com or an eBay to see how far it’s possible to go with these attributes on a huge scale. Let’s see how we can achieve this:

• Be very wise with words when you disseminate information. Be specific and avoid unnecessary verbosity. People really do not want to read two full and flowery paragraphs when one short description will suffice; delaying them from proceeding to the next step for placing an order won’t help you increase Internet sales.
• Organize your site judiciously, assume your designing for the navigational skills of the beginning Internet user, not online shopping masters; keeping it simple makes navigation a pleasure and whets viewer curiosity. Even the most promising sites will repel you if you have too complicated processes to access the information you seek.
• Put the customer first. Do not focus the too much attention on your introduction, rather, focus on what the customer needs from you. Successful ecommerce companies make this their highest priority!
• Have the main page posted with relevant links which will quickly take your customer to the topic they wish to learn more about. Not everyone will want to know everything about your site; do not waste the customer’s time with too much information.
• Have the ‘contact now’ button on all pages so that the customer does not need to go back and forth to find it. Also, this will be very helpful to you, when people copy and send the link of a page (where an item is described) to friends; when they do not have a contact or order button on the page, they will most likely forget about it.
• Have the buttons that are important for the customer in places where they can be seen immediately. These would be the ‘Contact us’ , ‘FAQ’, ‘Price list’, ‘Availability’, ‘About us’ and so on.
• Keep the number of clicks towards the completion of the purchase to the minimum possible. Internet sales professionals know there’s nothing more annoying to online shoppers than to keep clicking on this and that forever before able to finally close the deal.
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