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The internet has exploded into a universe of opportunities for the business entrepreneur. Knowing the “big picture” of the basic elements of ecommerce is important in getting started in this exciting marketplace of internet selling to everyone who’s online shopping. The growth of high-speed internet connectivity and millions of individuals as well as businesses online engaging in online commerce all over the world at any given moment has opened the doors for you to reach customers everywhere. So let’s look at some ecommerce basics

‘Ecommerce’ is defined as a type of electronic commerce. The usual ecommerce definition says that this is the process by which any business is carried out over a network of computers whereby internet merchants and their customers sell and/or buy a product or service. Most people believe that ecommerce is only for the internet as a computer network but it’s actually feasible for any computer network.

Ecommerce Development Before The Internet
here are a number of computer networks where ecommerce was alive even before the internet. To name a few, there was the Electronic Data Exchange that dates back to the 70s, also there are the Value Added Networks (VANs) through which a number of business to business orders were executed long before this type of business began selling on the internet

Custom Ecommerce: Internet Sale Niches
The emerging internet has brought tremendous success to ecommerce and internet commerce statistics show that success has made it well-known both as a term for commerce on the internet and as the practice of selling over the internet. There are some main sub-points in the ecommerce definition, (i) business to business – B2B, (ii) business to customer – B2C, (iii) customer to business – C2B, and consumer to consumer – C2C. Let’s see what each of these sub-divisions of the ecommerce definition implies:

  1. Business to business – when two organizations (business entities) do business with each other this type of ecommerce is termed as B2B. Here the internet sale price is decided upon relative to the quantity that is transacted.
  2. Business to customer or consumer – As the name implies, this is business carried out between a company (business house) and the consumer directly. This happens in all the dotcoms and any online shop that sells on the internet making the internet sale business so popular. This is what most people know as b2c ecommerce and this makes up the b2c internet.
  3. Customer to business – this is the process where a customer states what it needs and within a pre-defined period of time companies (business houses) bid to supply the required material/ service/ product. This is the way business such as freelancing are carried out.
  4. Customer to customer – this is the process by which individuals sell things to other individuals. An example for such a site is eBay, where one individual can sell anything over the net to any other individual who want to buy the item advertised.
There are many other types of networks through which business is carried out using this ecommerce definition, but they aren’t as popular as the four listed above. These other types are: Business to Employee (B2E), Government to Government (G2G), Business to Government (B2G), and Government to Citizen (G2C) and so on. Each name itself explains what sort of ecommerce business is carried out over these types of computer networks.

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