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The desire to be an online seller is a start in ecommerce, but one of the first key skills you’ll need if you plan to sell a product is product research. In other words, you need to find out what you want to sell and then research that product. One great avenue is a product related to an interest or hobby that you have. If you like literature, sell to people buying books online, if you are an investor, sell to people buying shares online. Savvy women are especially successful as online merchants to ladies who do their clothes shopping online. Remember, you have endless possibilities and countless product choices!

A Good Product Is GOLD!
If you are attempting to sell a product that only a few people want or a product that can be attained just about any where, then you are going to be very unsuccessful in your new ecommerce venture. For a product-centered ecommerce business solution that sells, you need a product that people want, and a product not typically offered by all the other online merchants.

This is where your careful research on your product comes in and where you “put on your customer hat” to imagine the thinking and decision-making process that the visitor to your ecommerce website goes through. Let’s look at some tools needed for a successful start, like this handy three-step research process:

• Gather information on the customer and competition to determine the demand for the product, locating the top competitors, and finding out what the average current retail prices are. Look at similar ecommerce companies in your product niche.
• Determine the potential for the product by setting up an account with a wholesale supplier. Find out actual wholesale prices by researching bulk quantity online sellers.
• Fine tune your research with even more research into the ad possibilities and relevant key words. Certain Internet statistics can be useful for this.

Level The Playing Field
Here are the six basic ecommerce business solution rules if you are having problems with your product selling online:

1. Don't try a “hard sell” on your product in the ad. The ad is only to make the consumer want the product or to know more about it.
2. Use your ad to get people to act. Through your ad, make them come to you to find out what it is you are exactly offering them. There are Internet sales professionals that you can employ to assist you with this.
3. Use your ad to provide a client list. When they come to you to find out about your product, you will also find out about them. Getting their e-mail address to send them more information is a good way to make an exchange, their address for your information. Soon you will have a client list and can use special ecommerce software to create targeted email.
4. Don’t just rely on a single webpage; set up two or even three. Make one that sells your more expensive products, one that sell your discounted products and one that is free. There’s even special Internet sales software available for these special ecommerce web site requirements.
5. Make your offer too good to refuse. In the beginning stages, even if you barely break even on the price two things will likely happen. One, your customer will be very satisfied and two, they will return for other not-so-cheap offers.
6. The best ecommerce business solution you should have with your product offering is this credo: don’t ever forget that this is your living. Scamming a customer is wrong and stupid. After all that time and money you put into your site and product, why would you rip him/her off and be forced to online have to start the process all over?
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